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The Wishing Rock Series

Wit, wisdom, and recipes!

Letters between the residents of Wishing Rock, Washington (a town in which everyone lives in the same building), and their friends chronicle the twists and turns of the characters' daily lives.

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The Pam on the Map Series

Wit and wanderlust!

In the Pam on the Map series, Pam offers her own engaging twist on the modern travel memoir/travelogue genre.

Pam is curious. She's curious about the world, and curious about people. Therefore, in this series, Pam sets out to discover and connect with people and places, and to take readers along on her adventures through her almost real-time reports. Raw and real, Pam's tales are infused with candid honesty, humorous observations, and perceptive insights. Pam's descriptive, entertaining, conversational style brings her trips alive, making readers feel as though they're traveling right along with her.

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